Distribution Box for underground networks (2E+2S)

Main Features:
This Polyester box was projected for electrical power distribution, generally of small size and intended to be fixed to a wall. This model allows the derivation of a secure channel (branch) from a main channel.

Equipped and tested in accordance with:
EDP – DMA – C62 – 810N- Dez 2009

Electrical Specifications:
Type of current and frequency: AC – 50 HZ
Rated voltage: 420 / 230 V
Maximum current: 160 A
Short-circuit current: 25 KA
Insulation voltage: 690 V
Neutral Systems: TN or TT

Operating conditions (In place of installation):
Environmental Temperature: -25 ° to + 40 ° C
Altitude: Less than 2000m (above sea level)
Atmospheric pressure: 80 KPa
Weather conditions: Can be installed under bad weather with 100% relative humidity (temporarily at the maximum temperature of + 25 ° C)
Pollution degree (micro environment): Degree 3 in accordance with section of IEC60439-1

Protection degree in accordance with the Standard NP EN 60529 and EN 50102:
Protection Rate: IP45-IK10

Product Description