Distribution Cabinets KVSGP-1 (9T2+1T3)

Distribution Cabinets  KVSGP-1 (9T2+1T3)

Urban distribution cabinets, model KVSGP, brand JEAN MÜLLER for underground cable distribution, equipped with LV HRC strip-fuseways (IP00 or IP20) or LV HRC strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors, from DIN00(160A), DIN2(400A) or DIN3(630A).

Manufactured from polyester reinforced with fiberglass  (SMC), molded by hot compression, colour grey (RAL 7035). The cabinet is ventilated, double insulated, with 180º opening door.

Type of Current and frequency: AC – 50Hz
Rated Voltage: 400V
Short-circuit Current: 28.9 KA (20MVA)
Short-circuit Current: 28.9 KA (20MVA)
Neutral system: TN or TT
Class: II
Cabinet Protection Degree: IP44-IK09
Standards: IEC 60439, DIN 43629, EDP DMA-C62-801/N

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