Cabinet KVSGP-0 IP (1E+4S) – Model ENDE

Cabinet KVSGP-0 IP (1E+4S) – Model ENDE

Public Lighting control cabinet, type KVSGP-0
Dimensions 862 x 596 x 322 mm (HxWxD), brand JEAN MÜLLER.

Manufactured from polyester reinforced with fiberglass (SMC), molded by hot compression, colour grey (RAL 7035). The cabinet is ventilated, double insulated, with 180º opening door. Standards NP 60529, DIN 43629 and IEC 439-5, equipped with:

  • 1 LV HRC strip-fuseways DIN00/185, 160 A at the input (without fuses)
  • 1 Contactor 3×80 A category AC3
  • 1 Fuse disconnector 10×32, control protection  (without fuse)
  • 1 Modular switch 1×16 A (Aut-Man)
  • 4 LV HRC strip-fuseways DIN00/100, 160 A at outputs (without fuses)
  • 1 Cylinder for the lock of the cabinet
  • Ground base type FP0, brand JEAN MÜLLER, with the fixing dimensions of 495×160 mm (LxLW, manufactured by SMC process, polyester sheet reinforced with fiberglass 25/100, molded by hot compression, colour grey (RAL 7035)
  • Optional:

Photoelectric cell;
Time switch.

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