Stainless Steel and Aluminium Mobile Substation

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Mobile Substation

  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium;
  • Electrostatic coating in polyester powder, RAL7035 colours for panels and RAL9007 for the pillars and roof.
  • Roof and grids made of aluminium micro perforated sheet for a better heat dissipation
  • Insulated doors with polyurethane seals.
  •  Panels designed by double walls insulated with polyurethane seals.
  • Tested at the factory.
  • Flexibility in the use of the interior space, in view to receive various equipment types.
  • Reduced handling.
  •  Special system of anti-condensation and ventilation through special grids made of micro perforated sheet
  • Tropic;
  • Ventilation protected by micro perforated metal grilles to prevent the introduction of insects and / or reptiles, while maintaining a high level of ventilation.
  • Protection Degree (IEC 60529 and EN 50102): IP 44D.



  • Equipment
  • MV Board 2I+PF (Input + Output + Fuse protection);
  • Transformer up to 630 kVA;
  • LV General Board



  •  2 Axles Trailer with ST52.3 steel structures on platform covered with sheet steel.
  • Articulated Lance coupling with nearly 1400 mm in length equipped with standard peak and adjustable height.
  • Suspension front and rear mechanical equipped with parabolic springs
  • Front axle square 60mm without breaking;
  • Posterior square axis with 60 mm, equipped with 300×90 mm brake working with pneumatic actuator
  •  Rotating spheres crown on the front frame suspension for the axis direction
  • 4 Complete wheel sizes 15.3 “11.5 / 80-15.3” 21.5 16PR 00 06 161, plus a spare.
  •  Pneumatic braking system controlled by the tractor vehicle. automatic parking brake with maxi-brakes. Valves safety emergency relay that hinder the trailer in case of accidentally disengage;
  • 4 Mechanical stabilizers for parking and levelling the trailer;
  •  Light signalling in accordance with the European road code;
  • Mudguards on the wheels;
  • Surface treatment: pickling level steel microspheres 2.5 SAE corrosion primer followed by finishing paint with 2 elements paint in RAL 9007.


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