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In 2008, IBERGLOBAL S.A. started its activity in the electric sector in Portugal, based on the following Market intervention and position, principles, aims and values:


To offer Communities, Entities and Companies, Projects and solutions within the areas of Generation (Traditional and Renewable), Distribution Networks (MT, BT e IP) and Usage Facilities of Electric Energy through the production and trade of equipment and material which answers these needs within a sustainability framework.


Assert and strengthen its position with Reference Clients in the National Market, develop and broaden its intervention in International Markets through ethically credible behaviours supported by solutions based on Sustainability pillars.


• Work, Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

• Capacity to undertake responsibilities, commitments and focus on Clients and results;

• Ethics and Social Responsibility.


Our policy relies on a continuous improvement process through a constant adaptation to the Clients’ needs and expectations and results optimization.


Strengthen our position in markets in which we are present and enter New Markets, specifically in African countries and grow through the strengthening of the existing products and the development of innovating solutions.

Meet the Management System requirements and continuously improve its efficiency.



ISO 9001:2015

In September 2008, Iberglobal started implementing the Quality Management System which involves all activities developed by the Company, it was granted the corresponding certificate of compliance with standard ISO 9001.

Since then, Iberglobal has maintained its certification, currently in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015.

Scope of Certification: “Design, execution, assembly and trade of electric material for low and medium voltage electric energy distribution networks”.


In 2009, IBERGLOBAL SA obtained the qualification of Supplier for Third Parties and also for EDP – ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL SA, and the corresponding Certification for the following products: