LV Box for incomings and derivation networks, model P1000

Polyester boxes for incomings and derivation networks. Used in low voltage electrical power distribution networks, as part of border between these networks and facilities of low voltage customers, thereby cutting or facilitation of the interruption or supply of electricity for these facilities. They can also serve as protective elements of extensions or incomings against over currents.

Equipped and tested in accordance with:
EDP – DMA – C62 – 807N – Dez 2006

Electrical Specifications:
Type of current and frequency: AC – 50 Hz
Operation voltage: 230 / 420 V
Rating current: 1000 A
Short-circuit current: 25 kA
Isolation voltage: 690 V
Neutral system: TN or TT

Service operating conditions (In place of installation):
Environmental Temperature: -25º e +40ºC
Altitude: Less than 2000 m (above sea level)
Atmospheric pressure: 80 kPa
Weather conditions: Can be exposed to weather with relative humidity of 100% (temporarily at the maximum temperature of + 25 ° C)
Pollution degree (micro environment): Degree 3 in accordance with section of IEC 60439-1

Protection degree in accordance with NP EN 60529 and EN 50102:
Box protection degree: IP45 – IK10

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