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IBERGLOBAL is the exclusive representative of some prestigious European brands for the entire national and African countries markets, among which:



Manufacturer of Current and Voltage Transformers.

The range of medium voltage transformers includes over 80 basic types and 150 special variants, each designed and adapted to the client’s applications.
All transformers are fully developed and manufactures by our represented company which operated with a quality guarantee certificate in accordance to ISO 9001.
Strict delivery deadlines to fully meet our clients’ needs.
Current and Voltage Transformers for interior use with insulation up .to 36 kV.
All Current and Voltage Transformers for medium voltage are vacuum encapsulated with high-quality synthetic resin.
Several current transformers, for example of the compact, window and three-phase type and other specific types.
Several voltage transformer types, namely phase to earth and phase to phase type, with or without fuse with metallic surface for earth connection, three-phase and other specific types.

 GBE  S.p.A

Manufacturer of cast resin and oil filled MV/LV and MV/MV transformers.

Manufacturers of oil filled transformers up to 3150kVA and dry transformers up to 18000kVA in accordance to standard IEC60076 for electricity distribution networks in all voltage classes with particular emphasis on 12.24 e 36kV.
With the experience acquired throughout its 25 years of activity and equipped with the most advanced technological means, it has a strict quality control of its products in accordance to ISO 9001:2008, which covers all phases of the manufacturing process, from the offer to the sale. It has created a vast range of very reliable and safe products, among which:

• MV/LV power transformers
• MV/MV power transformers
• Self-transformers
•Three-phase/mono-phase transformers
•Scott type transformers

Within the dry transformers range, we highlight the fact that these are built to operate in high humidity environments and have a low risk of fire as well as a low emission of toxic and dangerous gases as insulating materials with flame retardants and self- extinguishing compounds are used to build them.


Manufacturer of outdoor cabinets for urban distribution and vertical three-phase circuit breaker bases.

One of the most prestigious German manufacturers on the World Market for more than one hundred years and the Portuguese Market since 2006 as a qualified supplier for EDP supplying outdoor cabinets for urban distribution and vertical three-phase circuit breaker bases.

Jean Müller manufactures a vast range of products, among which:

•Outdoor polyester boxes and cabinets for urban distribution of energy and telecommunications among other applications.
• One-phase circuit breaker bases from 160 to 1600 amps.
• Open (IP00) and protected (IP20) vertical three-phase circuit breaker bases from 160 to 630 amps.
• Protected and isolated vertical three-phase circuit breaker bases from 160 to 1600 amps.
•Fuses for low and medium voltage applications.
• Measurement and visualization equipment for all electric energy parameters through sophisticated software.


Manufacturer of distribution transformers with oil insulation and dry up to 3500 kVA and up to 36 kV.

Also manufactures power transformers up to 150 kVA and up to 220 kV.

Founded in 1998, its goal of to manufacture first class products worldwide with full respect for the environment. Thus, since it started its activity, our represented company dedicates itself to the continuous development of new technologies.

The factory is located in a covered area of 26000 m2 and equipped with the most modern technological means, not only in the manufacturing area but also in the research and development area and the tests lab.

It has a strict quality control in accordance to ISO 9001:2008, an environmental control pursuant to ISO 14001:2004 and health and safety at work control pursuant to ISO 18001:2007.

Within the vast range of products, we would like to highlight the following ones:

  • Oil insulation distribution transformers;
  • Dry distribution transformers;
  • Power transformers;
  • Amorphous transformers;