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IBERGLOBAL SA started its activity as an Electric Sector Company in 2008,

in Portugal, basing its intervention and positioning in the Market

in principles, objectives and values, translated into:




To offer Communities, Entities and Companies, Projects and solutions within the areas of Generation (Traditional and Renewable), Distribution Networks (MT, BT e IP) and Usage Facilities of Electric Energy, through the production and trade of equipment and material which answers those needs, within a sustainability framework.

To assert and strengthen its position next to Reference Clients in the National Market. To develop and broaden its intervention in International Markets, through ethically credible behaviours, supported by solutions based on Sustainability pillars.

Work, Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

Capacity to undertake responsibilities, commitments and focus on Clients

and results;


Ethics and Social Responsibility.


IBERGLOBAL's Policy is based on a process of continuous improvement, through a constant adaptation to the needs and expectations of Customers and Stakeholders, as well as the optimization of means and enhancement of results.

So, it is our intention:


To satisfy our Clients at all stages of the Business, by complying with the specified requirements, in addition to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

To strengthen the position in the markets where we operate and enter and grow in New Markets, by strengthening the penetration of existing products and developing innovative solutions;

Increasing the volume and profitability of our Business;

Complying with the requirements of the Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness.


IBERGLOBAL SA was incorporated in August 2008, thus formalizing the combination of wills and competences, which allowed operating in a clearly expanding sector.


​Through its persistence, dynamics and entrepreneurship, it has made a statement in the Market, and already has a vast universe of reference Clients in Portugal and abroad.

As a result of its position throughout its many years on the market, its business volume has grown 230%, of which 70% in African Countries.

In the last 3 years, as a result of requests from these Markets, it has established a set of Partnerships that allowed the constitution of a Team with competencies in the Provision of different Services:

• Plans and Studies in Networks Development

• Base and Execution Projects

• Tender Programs and Set of Specifications

• Specification and Standardization of Materials and Equipment

• Supply of Materials and Equipment for Networks

• Works Follow-up and Surveillance

• Technical Support to the Operation and Maintenance of Technical Assets

Focus on HV, MV, LV, IP Distribution Networks and traditional and renewable “off-grid” Generation Systems.


As a result of this challenge, in June 2014 a corporate change was carried out (spin-off), incorporating competences that allow guaranteeing a multidisciplinary cohesive and consolidated Team, through new shareholders to intervene and approach Target Markets.


This team insures all Technical, Management and Leadership competences, giving adjusted answers to the Clients/Market demands in terms of dimension, deadline and scope required, through Partnerships with Companies as well as National and International Institutions.



In 2009, the company started the prospection of the African Market businesses, specifically in Countries belonging to the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), and that same year, commercial relations with Clients in Angola were established.

From 2008, the company main milestones were:

  • Beginning of activity;

  • Certification – NP EN ISO 9001;

  • Contracts of Exclusive Representation with Reference Brands/Suppliers;

  • Beginning of activity for Angola;

  • Conclusion of the reference supplier qualification by EDP- Energias de Portugal SA and for Third Parties;

  • Beginning of activities for Cape Verde;

  • The amount of Products export reached 55%;

  • Building of multidisciplinary team to elaborate;

  • Selection and negotiation of Partnerships with Companies and Institutions that support the Provision of Services;

  • Corporate reorganization of IBERGLOBAL SA;

  • Amount of Products and Services exports to the African Market reaches 67%;

  • Strong commitment to innovation and development of new products;

  • Investing on the certification of developed products;

  • Revealing international markets with the establishment of partnerships with the main local players;

  • Constant increase in the export rate;

  • Improvement in the performance of the company's processes with positive organizational impact, in the productive capacity, in the responsiveness to our customers, in the results.



In September 2008, Iberglobal started implementing the Quality Management System, which involves all activities developed by the Company. It was granted the corresponding certificate of compliance with standard ISO 9001.

Since then, Iberglobal has maintained its certification, currently in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015.

Scope of Certification: “Design, execution, assembly and trade of electric material for low and medium voltage

electric energy distribution networks”.

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PME Certificate

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