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It involves the Study, Design, Demand Analysis supported by updated Georeferenced Cartography (Satellite image, duly interpreted in terms of soil use and occupation, constraints assessment) and complemented with Land Digital Model.

Associated with this georeferenced cartographic information, we introduce the SIG Module that allows carrying out topographic surveys, with a PDA or Smartphone (with or without Internet connection).

Through the development of technical specification proposals, we can contribute to the Standardization Process, characterizing the solutions, equipment and materials, and allowing their adequate and harmonious dimensioning.

This Regulatory measure makes it easier to acquire equipment and materials, decreasing investment and maintenance costs (spare parts), and guaranteeing longer useful life and safety in the installations.


In terms of activities, it is associated with the Elaboration of Base Projects and Execution Projects, including also Tender Programs, Sets of Specifications, Technical Advising to the Hiring, Reception and Follow-up Process and Commissioning of facilities, equipment and materials.

With regard to scope, we have the dimensioning, schematics, topology and designs of Generation Systems (Traditional and Renewable), of HV/MV Substations, HV Lines, MV, Lv and IP Distribution Networks, MV/LW Transformer Stations, Connections and Clients’ Power Metering Systems.

Within this area, because of its impact on people’s lives and thus on the Market, we have focused on Rural Electrification Projects, an area in which IBERGLOBAL SA has core competences and over 20 years of experience through its collaborators in several Countries and Continents. Within this framework, it has developed as an independent and registered brand, designated Project SGRIDS.



We believe Iberglobal must go beyond the simple manufacture and trade of the equipment we produce. Following-up and guaranteeing the best technical training of our partners, is part of our way to be in the market. More than a distinctive feature, this constant sharing of knowledge qualifies the market and guarantees the full integration and benefit of our equipment potential. 

Thus, we promote permanent training sessions and workshops at our facilities or at our partners’ facilities, as well as at energy distribution companies. We even go further, and promote the presence of graduate students from the electricity/electro-technicians Degree from Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, in order to promote market integration of young people and mutually acquire the knowledge transmitted by the University through these young people.



Iberglobal projects, manufactures and assembles a wide range of equipment for electric power distribution networks and infrastructures. 

And we believe that our role is not limited to delivering the product. 


Taking into account the high level of specificity of some of these equipments, the support and assistance provided to our clients must go beyond the scope of traditional guarantees. 


We follow-up and support our partners through all the steps - from the assembly to the installation - guaranteeing the correct operation and integration of all our equipment.

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