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01. Bases_Fusiveis_F01.png
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Low Voltage Fuse Bases

General features:

The dimensions of LV HRC fuse bases of sizes 00-3, 160A-630A for the counting wall are standardized according to DIN 43620-3.
Its technical values ​​are placed according to IEC / EN 60269.

They are designed for AC690V and DC440V voltages.
The bases are usually equipped with screw terminals for cable lugs.
The fuse bases are mounted on plates inside the low voltage distributors or installed in the insulation housings.

02. Fusiveis-MT_Ed.1.jpg

Medium Voltage HRC Fuse-Links

To prevent damage to the windings, transformers must be protected against thermal and dynamic defects caused by short circuits. JEAN MÜLLER medium voltage and high breaking fuses have been specially designed for this application. The standardized characteristics of these fuses are coordinated with other protection devices. Thus, there is no need for complex calculations of short-circuit currents.
JEAN MÜLLER fuses are designed according to the international standard IEC / EN 60282-1 and DIN VDE 0670-402.

03. Fusiveis_BT_F01.png

Low Voltage Fuse-Links

While the maintenance-free fuse always limits the impact on systems and components if a short-circuit occurs, special applications require specific solutions. Here, fuses for safe work and semiconductor protection must break fault currents especially quickly, fuses to protect transformers are adapted to individual requirements and photovoltaic systems bring completely different challenges, as well as handling high DC voltages, our fuses have been optimised for the narrow band between the permitted operating current and typically low short-circuit currents.
In conjunction with our NH fuse-bases, the D and D0 fuse range and our HH fuse-links from the IKUS series, our products always bring you peace of mind.

04. Interruptor_Corte_F03.png

Load Break Switch

The load cut-off switch has a horizontal mounting form according to IEC / EN 60947-3.

The device provides increased protection for people when changing fuses.

Detailed mounting accessories that make it easy to use the application in a partial type of combination tested according to IEC / EN 60439-1.

05. Interruptor_Horizontal_F01.png

Load Break Switch (SASIL)

The switch is equipped with an independent manual action mechanism.

A screw terminal for the connection is available on the output side.

Used for the three-phase system up to 690V and plates for the sub-distribution of low voltage assemblies according to IEC / EN 60439-1, for industries, power plants and service applications in a building. Its horizontal fit and compact dimensions allow a large number of sockets in a limited space. A uniform width, depth and grid dimension of 25mm strip height (75mm, 150mm) allows for quick engineering and assembly of components of different sizes used inside the cabinet. The line and control auxiliary of the circuit systems are automatically connected via the terminal strip connector system.

06. Seccionador_Fusiveis_F01.png

Load Break Fuse-Switch-Disconnector


General features:

  •  Load cut-off switch for BT NH00 to NH4a fuses.

  •  Chassis mounting.

  •  They are available in different sizes and in 1, 2, 3 or 4 poles.

  •  They are built according to EN 60947-3.



Connecting and terminating technologies are of vital influence to service reliability in electrical distributions and equipment respectively. Cost reasons have led to a widespread use of direct terminal clamps. 

JEAN MÜLLER direct terminal clamps meet all requirements of modern connectors and terminals. Terminals in various sizes are available for various applications. 

08. Triblocos_500x800px.png


Main features:

  • The strip-fuseways are mainly used in distribution cabinets and in low voltage power distribution

  • Available in sizes from H00 to NH3

  • Direct mounting on copper busbars

  • The triblock is connected to the 3 busbars

  • Easy installation

  • Robust;

  • Easy replacement.

09. Triblocos_Seccionaveis_500x800px.png

Strip type fuse-Switch-Disconnectors

Main features:

  • The strip type fuse-switch-disconnectors are mainly used for low voltage power distribution.

  • Manufactured in accordance with IEC / EN 60439-1 standard.

  • Tested in accordance with IEC / EN 60947- 3.0 standard.

  • The fuse-switch-disconnector body is manufactured in polyester reinforced with fibreglass, which gives high mechanical strength.

  • Direct mounting on copper busbars.

  • Protected against accidental contact.

  • Base equipment

  • Protection of contacts and terminals.

  • Separators between poles

  • Outputs reference label.

10. corta-circuitos.png

“CUT-OUT” Expulsion Circuit Breaker

Expulsion circuit breaker “CUT-OUT” XS, mounted on a single silicone insulator, 24 and 36 kV.

The “CUT-OUT” XS expulsion circuit breakers, mounted on a single silicone insulator, are used for sectioning lines, taps and protection against over-intensities.

They can be equipped with fuses or disconnecting knives.

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