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URBANKIT – Compact Substation up to 630 kVA / 15 kV 

The compact substation URBANKIT was designed to meet current market needs, with a particular focus on the following aspects: 

• Compact substation, with reduced dimensions to optimize logistics - Transport and storage, relocation to the site; 

• Optimized containerization - 5 units per container 40'; 

• Supplied fully assembled; 

• With great mechanical resistance; 

• No corrosion - Climatic aspects and urine of animals; 

• Excellent aesthetic concept, allowing its implantation in any urban or periurban environment without causing visual pollution; 

• No sharp edges, allowing better use of the public road in particular to people with special needs (blind, motor difficulties, etc.); 

• Anti-theft system - Effectively harming the theft of copper, thus maintaining the power grid without interruptions. 

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